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Manage your tontines online with Tonteo

Your solidar finance association is available online and allows you to manage your tontines autonomously et securely. Save time to focus on the essentials !

Why Tonteo ?
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Registry, chat, management, transactions … Make your tontines reliable and secure! With Tonteo’s intuitive interface you can make your operation and follow your tontines with just a few clicks.

How it works?

Become an actor of  a social and solidarity initiative!

The benefits of our action finance projects of social utility. And you validate these projects by voting for those of your choice. Nothing is done without your opinion!

Our association
Tonteo est une fintech de l'économie sociale et solidaire

Transparency at all cost!

This service has a cost, that of its reliability and security. But above all, it allows us to finance the projects for which you are the decision-makers.

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