Who are we?

Let’s reverse the steam!

Tonteo bornt facing lack of infrastructures and Africa’s digital revolution. The low rate of banking plays in favor of an ancestral practice: the Tontine. To facilitate and secure its management, Tonteo offers a digital application. Your membership allows the financing of social utility projects for which you are the voters!

Discover the tontine
Tontines en ligne avec Tonteo, toutes les opérations, votre solde, vos transactions et le suivi de l'activité des tontines

A humanist vision,

Sensitive to the values ​​of sharing, solidarity, and passionated about new technologies, we promote a social and solidarity alternative to conventional financing and wish to preserve the very essence of Tontine: friends and their mutual aid. Particularly attentive to justice, equity and integrity, these notions guide us to act effectively through our association.

Our association

Friends society

We believe that any community, based on mutual trust and good tools, has the resources to meet its needs. We want to promote the tontine and its values ​​throughout the world and all together be actors of economic and human development. Let us foster community empowerment, access to individual well-being and sustainable community prosperity!

Our ethics

We make every effort to ensure that Tonteo’s stakeholders, whether users, collaborators, partners or suppliers, share our values ​​and wish to contribute to economic and human development through a humanist and united action. To achieve these goals, respect, transparency, usability, integrity and trust are the prerequisites of our relationships and actions. But the heart of Tonteo is its members and their security, and we make a point of honor that this system is not diverted for purposes of financing made up or prohibited in the general conditions of services.