Why choose Tonteo ?

Here are 8 good reasons to organize your tontines online with Tonteo


Tonteo makes tontines easier! In total autonomy, create or participate in tontines in a few clicks.


Save time. Our ergonomic and intuitive interface allows you to perform all your operations instantly.


Secure your tontines with Tonteo. We work with partners approved by the supervisory authorities, at Tonteo your money is in total security.


Friends understand each other and help each other. With Tonteo, preserve the very essence of tontines: the social bond and solidarity.


Gain confidence with clear and available information at all times. All the activity of your tontines is at your fingertips.


Chat with members of your tontines confidentially in a totally secure space.


Tonteo integrates an online voting feature to ensure the democratic process of your tontines.

Social utility

The general interest is at the heart of our action to produce a positive social impact. Contribute to economic and human development.